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Welcome to our voice talents' database!


In order to listen to samples of our voice talents, please select the language, gender, age and category.

The voice talents that match your criteria will be listed.


Some of the voices can have additional icons:

  • Recommended voices - best quality/price ratio
  • Economic voices - best price
  • Prestige voices - know from TV/radio - highest price

You can select one of the voices ("Select Voice" button) or you can add any of voices to your shortlist ("Add to shortlist" button).

Once you selected only one voice you are directed to the Quotation inquiry.
If you work with the shortlist, once you finish the selection, please press the "Compare voices" button in the bottom of the page or the blue thimb icon in the right part of your screen. In the next step you can listen to or delete any of voices from the short list and move to the Quotation inquiry form. Selected voices will be attached to the form automatically.


Please fill in the form with some detailed information about your project:

* number of pages (1 page is 250 words/1800 characters) or recording time

* purpose of recording (in-company use, web page, youtube movie, local radio, national radio, TV)

* contact data (at least an e-mail address)


Voice4u.eu employees will contact you promptly with a quote and delivery time.

Please feel free to contact us via telephone +48 502 030 886 or e-mail info@voice4u.eu, if necessary.

It will be our pleasure to cooperate with you!

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